Dronucopia is the primary resource for drone enthusiasts and professionals. We support the needs of UAV pilots and hobbyists in both drone equipment and education with easy online shopping and access to the latest information in this fast-moving industry.

Today, commercial drones and robotic equipment are rapidly innovating for changing needs in industrial applications such as agriculture, surveying, and warehouse management. Furthermore, enthusiasts are continually competing with drones in high-speed obstacle racing and enjoying the outdoors in various contexts for recreation.

Dronucopia offers an online drone shopping experience with a full spectrum of drones, drone accessories, and drone-related items in one convenient and supportive location.

Within our full-service offering to support the drone operator and hobbyist community, we also provide parts, accessories and products with cameras, software, insurance and certification programs.

As an online community and merchandiser, we are continually growing our product and service offerings and rapidly bringing new services into our store as we gain insights and requests from our community.


David Thompson is the Founder and CEO of Dronucopia LLC, Archangel FPV LLC, and Drone Racing International FPV LLC. Over the past several years, David has executed strategic initiatives to introduce all three brands to the FPV drone racing market.

Spurred by his passion for drones and drone racing, David first launched Dronucopia. With his expertise in strategic partnerships, product development, digital strategy, distribution channel and supply chain management, he started Dronucopia to service the general drone market as a retailer.

After observing the increasing popularity of drone racing, David realized the opportunity to develop innovative products and bridge the gap between racers of all skill levels. He introduced Drone Racing International FPV in order to serve as a global drone racing community, reaching thousands via social media with the goal of supporting and educating the FPV drone racing community.

This interaction led David to pivot into product development with the introduction of Archangel FPV, with the aim of developing racing drones and other products that will exceed the needs of FPV enthusiasts around the world. Combining sleek looks with ultra-high performance, the Archangel series will soon be introduced to the International market.

David’s team consists of trained drone pilots, product engineers, a digital marketing team, and business experts. His direction, the team’s skills, and a culture of excellence and constant learning will meet the demands of the quickly expanding drone racing market. The industry is a fast-moving target with rapidly changing technology, and his growing knowledge base will serve current and future customers and anyone interested in drone racing.

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