There are a number of different advantages of using a drone with an HD camera. Here are a few examples of these drone advantages.

Complete Shoots Much More Quickly

Because of the incredible amount of control you have with a drone that has an HD camera affixed, you can set up shots in all sorts of different locations, all without going through the time-consuming processes that are often necessary with other methods. For example, before unmanned drones, the primary way to get aerial shots was with a helicopter. This would often take hours and hours because you would need to find a helicopter pilot and the rest of the crew needed to take the shots with enough safety to make it worth it.

These days, a UAV pilot is usually much easier to find, and in many cases, you can even just do it yourself. There are a few reasons why it’s easier and possible to handle every aspect of aerial shots with a drone yourself including:

Easier Training for UAV-It’s generally easier to get a basic understanding of even the more UAV drones with cameras than it is to get a full pilot’s license for a helicopter, for example.

5 Minute Setup-It’s also possible to get a UAV up and flying in just a few minutes as opposed to the much longer time required to get a helicopter fully fueled and cleared to go.

Easier Pilot Recruitment-Even if you don’t want to get cleared yourself or have an employee do it, the whole process makes locating a UAV pilot for hire easier to find at a reasonable price.

In addition, you’re going to end up having an easier time of things due to the fact that UAVs aren’t sidelined as much and with as much cost as with other operations. All you have to do is land a drone if there’s an issue due to clouds blocking the light that you want or due to high winds making it so that the drone can’t fly optimally. Then, you can wait for the issue to pass before going right back up again.

Things aren’t nearly as simple and smooth with airplanes and helicopters which often have to be booked well in advance, and which can’t land and take off so often or so easily. Drones can land just about anywhere, for example. This is certainly not the case with airplanes that need to find full landing strips or at least a log of open space, which can be risky in and of itself, and it’s often not nearly as true of helicopters either, which need at least some space.

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Get High-Quality Pictures in Difficult Areas

It’s not exactly super easy to get great, HD photos of remote areas like at the top of a mountain since humans have to spend great effort to get that high. It can also be difficult to get the shot you want if it’s an aerial shot of the ocean from high up since there’s no real other easy way to get this without going all the way up in a plane, for example.

Plus, the motion of the plane is going to change the type of shot, and this is going to be the same sort of problem with a helicopter in many situations as well. Additionally, it’s often just going to be easier to get the shot you want using a drone in terms of cost and ease of use. You can position the drone at the exact place you want it in down to the meter in some places.

It’s definitely a dream as a photographer to point at a place in the sky or elsewhere and then think if only I could get a shot from that angle. A drone with an HD camera allows you to do exactly this. The range of drones like this is stupendous. While a hot air balloon or even a helicopter may be able to get you the shot you want that’s high up, the probably can’t hover within feet of your subject, such as a bird for example.

Drones can get you shots that you really couldn’t get any other way. You can change a hundred little things about the exact angle, elevation, and camera specifics, all remotely, and all without having to worry about being physically in the back of an aerial vehicle. In fact, you may be able to get shots of areas that no one else even knows exists. Drones that have the HD camera can do both scoutings of locations for shoots and be taking the shots all at once.

Point of View Advantage

Another advantage of having a drone with an HD camera is that you get a strong sense of where you are at all times with the drone. Those that don’t have the camera require an operator to constantly be looking up to figure out where the drone is. Even if you aren’t taking shots and want to fly the drone for some other reason, it’s often more difficult to fly without the camera attachment.

These days, it’s often possible to use a VR helmet in order to figure out where you are and also to have the ability to fly the drone as if you are the drone. This can make it much easier to accomplish whatever you want to use the vehicle. It also gives you a unique perspective that few other vehicles provide. There aren’t many vehicles that give you the sensation of flying quite the way a drone does, especially without even being physically there yourself.

You get all the sensations of flying, or many of them, without any of the risks that usually go along with this. This can be useful for scouting as well, for example. This way, you don’t have to look up into the sun during the day, and looking through the camera will also reduce potential damage that you might get looking at something with your bare eyes.

The ability to change camera effects in midair while you’re looking through the camera to confirm what sorts of changes this makes to the shot you’re seeking is also a major plus of having a POV through the camera on the drone.

Adaptation and Modding

One of the great advantages of drones with HD cameras is the sheer number of possibilities you have for modding them. You can add components to the drones that will allow them to have additional capabilities through the camera, such as having infrared so you can operate at night, for example.

It can also be adapted for detecting various parts of the light spectrum, water content, and potentially many other applications involving sensory perception as well, all dependant on what you end up needing it for, plus what new technology ends up coming out. The camera is obviously important for this no matter what though, so you can see where you’re going even if you’re guiding the drone far away from where you are. This type of drone is ideal for seeking out a variety of different materials and locations exactly for this reason.

There’s just about an infinite amount of possibilities for what these drones can be used for as the future unfolds.

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